William Panzarella

photo of William Panzarella

Founder & Executive Officer

William has lived in over 8 cities while working in the corporate world of global logistics. He began volunteering locally as a way of getting involved and creating relationships in each community he lived in. While helping with homework, delivering meals, spending time with families in need and listening to their stories, he was impressed how a little help went a long way for these families.

When William moved to Minneapolis he began volunteering as a facilitator for a local youth group who held meetings once a week. He was deeply impacted by the dedication of the group, and the parents who drove from near and far, rain or shine to get their kids to these meetings. William found that working with at risk youth was where he felt most fulfilled and where he had the most to offer.

When the youth group was closed for lack of funding William was inspired to move forward with plans he had been working on to help raise money for groups like the one he was working with and any where else help was needed. It was from William’s desire to help and the need of charities supporting causes that affect positive change for at risk youth and families that the Aegis Foundation was born.

William has received several awards and certificates of appreciation for his efforts and dedication to volunteerism and leadership in the many communities he has been a part of. If you ask William what drives him in his tireless dedication he will tell you, “Giving back. It’s a simple concept.”

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