About The Aegis Foundation

We, the Aegis Foundation are committed to help the vulnerable, needy, underserved, and imperiled youth plan, prepare and focus on education. We are a resource for our youth to inspire dreams, create leaders and provide scholarships for continuing education.

Aegis Foundation believes we can reclaim the shaping of today’s seemingly forgotten youth by giving them back their livelihoods, getting them off the streets and back into supportive environments. We work in conjunction with these organizations to support and motivate these children to give them back what’s left of their childhood and prepare them for a healthy, responsible, and productive life. We take a special interest in serving and partnering with our local communities.

Aegis Foundation prides itself on being original in connecting with community partners, pairing youth with our community partners, innovative programs, and raising funds to secure scholarships.

Applause for Aegis

“I want to share my profound thanks for the Aegis Foundation and all of their volunteer sponsors for attending these great events. Please do everything that you can to support Aegis Foundation. Their working real hard to make the lives of children, youth, and families affected by HIV, Aids and poverty much better. I thank you Aegis Foundation for your huge hearts and support.” -Neil Wellinson, Founder & CEO, One Heartland

“I’d like to thank you Aegis Foundation for all that you have done to support us. It is inspiring to see a group of people like you come together solely for the purpose of helping others accomplish the mission to serve the community. Again thank you for all that you have done and we have high hopes for the future of your organization.” -Tao, Employee, Project Footsteps

“We’ve been the beneficiary of some of the wonderful events that have been hosted by the Aegis Foundation. One thing I want to say about Aegis, is first and foremost thank you and also that you have a huge, huge, huge heart to do wonderful things for programs that do good work. So I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for us.” -Janet Bystrom, Founder, Reclaim

Aegis foundation