Anahita Ahrar

Photo of Anahita Ahrar

Board Member

Anahita has experience in media relations, event management, and charitable organizations. As an Entertainment Publicist, Anahita represents local musicians and artists. In addition to her line of work, Anahita is dedicated to her education. She is working to complete her Master’s in Strategic Communications at the University of Minnesota, School of Journalism. She plans to contribute her experience as a representative of a Television network.

Born in Iran, and raised in Minnesota since the age of 2, Anahita’s passion for culture and diversity has allowed her to experience and learn from others. She enjoys volunteering her time to the greater community, and help raise awareness for local organizations.

She expresses her creative writing and positivity through her motivational blog, HitaTalk. She hopes that others will be inspired by her stories to improve their well-being, and reach their personal goals.

Outside of work, school and volunteering, Anahita is quite the social butterfly. She is a family girl, hiker, dancer, and yogi. She stated, “a few of my favorite things: coffee, reading, music, movies, art, sushi, traveling, wine, and the Red Carpet.”

Anahita is looking forward to contributing her positivity, skills, and dedication to our mission by growing community awareness and simplifying the lives of our local youth.